Grounded Customs, LLC

"We don't do normal."

A little about Us


Who We Are

Grounded Customs specializes in custom metal fabrication. Our main focus is handmade bicycle frames, but we can create anything out of metal. We can repair existing items, create metal art or design something from scratch. Ask us, and we will make it happen!

We are the ideal combination of education and application. Jennifer has a B.S in Mechanical Engineering, and has spent her career in Quality Assurance, Control and Engineering. Jasen has spent his career learning the tricks of the trade from the best that motorsports and NASCAR have to offer, and then teaching others how to fabricate and weld.  

We are an engineer and a fabricator paired up to make perfectly designed and perfectly executed products.


What We Do

We are putting our skills and our passions to use for people just like you.  

Why limit yourself to what the major manufacturers happen to be offering this season?  Why wait for them to figure out how to mass produce bicycles that fit your needs?

Maybe traditional frame geometry doesn't work for your body type.  Maybe you need an in-between size, and the frame sizes increment by 2 inches!  Who really fits into a small, medium or large perfectly?

We asked ourselves the questions above, and came up with solutions for our needs.  Now we are here to meet yours!


What's your story?

 Are you looking for a bicycle that allows you to accommodate back or other health issues, and have the riding position that makes cycling comfortable and fun for you?

Maybe you want to have a bicycle for a specific purpose - townie bike or a gravel bike, or a bike made of a specific material - steel or aluminum or titanium.

Imagine a  bicycle custom suited for your desires and needs, and then share your dream with us so we can build it for you!